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Skerne Skyetality
Our home-bred showjumper Skerne Skyetality
demonstrating what quality forage helps achive

Skerne Leys Haylage, is a professional equine forage company based at Driffield in East Yorkshire. We have been producing haylage since the mid-1990s.

Initially production supplied our DIY livery yard and our own horses. Over time a local customer base developed of, individuals and businesses looking to secure a consistent high quality feed for their horses.

Our grassland acreage was increased to meet a growing demand. We now have over 350 acres in production. We produce hay and haylage for the equine market from grass grown by us, meaning we have complete control of the grassland system. This gives us great traceability and knowledge of the crop.

We work in conjunction with local seed specialists Hurrells, to ensure we select the highest quality seed mixtures. This helps us produce a clean, consistent, nutritionally balance forage. We take great care of our crop to ensure we can deliver a quality product.

Further to producing large bale hay and halylage, we have invested in equipment to produce 20Kg packs of hayalge and 10Kg packs of hay and straw, which are available through our network of stockists.

Our aim at Skerne Leys is to provide consistent high quality forage, suitable for a range of horses and ponies. We take pride in both the product and service we offer.