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Our Haylage is available in three varieties; Premium Ryegrass and Meadow Forage and Traditional.

Premium Ryegrass

Premium Haylage in bag
For Horses & Ponies in work, to improve condition or to help gain weight.

Meadow Forage

Meadow Haylage in bag
High Fibre Forage with lower protein content, suited to wide range of equines


Premium Haylage in bag
Lower Protein and Energy Levels, combined with a softer texture, better suited to native breeds, veterans and animals on Low-Input diets.


For availability of all our Haylage products, please see below.

Availability of our Haylage and Hay

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Horse eating haylageBoth haylage products are available in three sizes:

  • 20kg pack - available through our network of stockists
  • Midi-bale - 150kg (approx.) square bale suitable for up to 4 horses or for those with limited stoarge/access
  • Large Square Bale - 300-350kg square bales suitable for the larger user.
  • Large Square bales of top quality hay also available

All our products can be palletised for delivery using our own truck mounted forklift. We have a range of delivery vehicles to adapt to each customers needs.